Demand Switch - DIN Rail Mount - 16 Amp

Demand Switch - DIN Rail Mount - 16 Amp
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1 NO contact not potential free 16A/250V AC. Self-learning.
Incandescent lamp load 2300W. Standby loss 0.8 watt only.
Modular device for DIN EN 60715 TH35 rail mounting.
1 module =18mm wide and 58mm deep.
230V supply voltage and switching voltage.
State-of-the-art hybrid technology combines advantages of nonwearing electronic control with
high capacity of special relays.
The FR12-230V mains disconnection relay disconnects the power supply once all series
connected loads are turned off, thus preventing any electromagnetic interference fields
from occurring.
Small loads up to 200 mA, are acceptable and, once major loads are disconnected, they do
not prevent field disconnection. The limit is taught-in automatically by the FR12 using a patented
method so you need not set the limit manually. Loads drawing more than 200mA
are consistently defined as loads which should cause the line power to be connected.
As long as no major load is turned on, one pole of the monitored circuit remains isolated from
the mains. Neutral and earth are connected continuously to avoid acting as an aerial.
A DC voltage with an extremely low residual ripple is applied for monitoring.
Therefore, it is prohibited to bridge the relay contact, which would ultimately cause device
When a load is turned on, the mains disconnection switch connects the monitored phase after
approx. 1 sec and the LED lights red.
Function of the lower rotary switch
In the function ON/ position, the relay contact is continuously closed and field disconnection
Turn the switch to the position A = automatic with 'self-learn mode', the actual current value is
saved as a switch-off value. When this value is reached, the FR12 breaks the electrical circuit
regardless whether small consumers such as electronic dimmers are connected. Therefore, the
lighting must always be OFF for learning by means of the rotary switch.
When the switch is in the A position the FR12 adapts to changes in connected consumers.
The FR12 performs a new learn-in routine after phase is activated and when the power supply
is restored after a power failure.
If a new small load is switched on for more than 24 hours, the total current drawn by the
monitored circuit is less than 200mA, the FR12 is set to A mode and in the meantime the
light has been switched on and off, the new load is learned in and the conductor is switched
off. When the rotary switch is set briefly from A to , learn-in takes place immediately after
connecting a new load.
If the function self-learn is not required, set the rotary switch to A ‚automatic OFF‘.
Function of the upper rotary switch
The monitoring voltage can be adjusted in the range from 5 V DC to 230 V DC. Due to its low
residual ripple, it generates no measurable alternating field even at 230 V DC. The higher the
adjustment, the greater the number of capacitive loads detectable without switching on a base
load. It can therefore be reduced until the loads are barely detectable. In many applications,
even the lowest monitoring voltages are detectable.

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