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Universal Earthing Mat Details:


Conductive Universal Earthing Mat for earthing while sitting or standing, while at a desk, watching television, etc.

It can be used under your bare feet, or on a desk with your bare hands resting on it.


Measures 680mm x 250mm (27" x 10"). Made from natural rubber, impregnated with conductive carbon.


Comes complete with a 4.6m (15ft) connection cord and plug.  The conductive fabric sleeve-like cover is optional and is selected from the drop down option menu. You can slip the mat into the cover if you choose, for use while sitting in your favourite chair or lying on the couch or, alternatively, as a sleep system for your bed.  Make sure to have the side of the cover with the conductive threads touching your skin.

How to use it:

Some area of bare skin should touch the mat or the side of the cover with the conductive threads in order for you to be grounded, although it will work to a lesser degree through thin fabric.

Helpful Tip:

Ideal to be used as a mat under your computer keyboard and mouse, enabling you to be grounded as your hands or wrists rest on the mat while typing or using the mouse.

The Universal Earthing Mat is fairly soft and flexible so can also be used in bed, for example with your bare feet touching it.


Other Useful Information

Made from a sturdy, conductive, carbonised rubber, the mat material is NBR not Latex.  NBR Elastomer is the short name for - Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (non-sulphur cured) which is food and medical grade.


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