Earthing Outlet Checker

Earthing Outlet Checker
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Earthing Outlet Checker Details:


The Earthing Outlet (socket) Checker, tests the electrical outlets in your home to verify that they have been wired correctly before using your earthing products.



2.5" x 2.5"

How to use it:


The surface of the Earthing Outlet Checker (As seen in the picture) uses 3 LED lights to correspond whether your socket/outlet is earthed. All 3 lights will be on if the outlet is suitable for earthing products.

Helpful Tip:


It should be stressed that even if your outlet socket were wired improperly, there is no danger of electrocution when using Earthing equipment, because our products have built in safety protection. However, if your outlet socket is not wired properly then you would not get the benefits of grounding.

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