Earthing Ground Rod and 45ft Cord

Earthing Ground Rod and 45ft Cord
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Earthing Ground Rod Details:


If the electrical wiring in your home, apartment, or office does not have a functional grounding system you will not be able to plug your Earthing Connection product into a wall outlet. Many older houses and buildings (built before the 1960s) do not have a grounding system. The Earthing Ground Rod is a practical solution for such older structures without updated grounding systems.



1 x Grounding Rod + Cord (length: 45ft)

How to use it:


The Earthing Ground Rod is placed directly in the Earth near the foundation of the home/office. The rod comes fitted with a 45-foot cord that will reach to most first and second story locations. Simply run the cord from the rod under or around a window or door near where you will use your Earthing product. An electrician can install a permanent Earthing outlet, if desired, that generally includes drilling a small hole through the wall, mounting a wall plate, and running a ground wire to the outlet.

Helpful Tip:


Earthing Connection Ground Rods are recommended use with all Earthing products. They are mandatory for use in older homes withut a building earth (generally those built before 1960) and highly recommended for all home use.

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