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Our goal is to help people achieve the safest electro-magnetic and geopathic spaces possible, which will hopefully allow them to live happier and healthier lives.

Unfortunately, neither electro-magnetic fields (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR) nor geopathic stress is visible to the naked eye, which makes it easy to dismiss and more difficult for people to understand. Because cell phone towers are visible, many people do show some concerns about the microwave radiation (EMR) from the towers, but it is really the full spectrum of electro-pollution, from household wiring at 50 Hz to high frequency WiFi at up to 5.8 GHz and any frequencies above, that we should be concerned with.

Through the use of meters which display a reading, meters and devices which capture and play the sounds of the emr and spectrum analysers and oscilloscopes that visually show a representation of the emf & emr we can scientifically demonstrate the presence of electro-pollution.

sample emr noises

Cell Phone

DECT Phone

WiFi Router

3G Cell Phone





We can then offer practical advice and project management to remediate an Electro-Pollution problem. In all cases we observe the Hierarchy of Controls and the Precautionary Principle when offering this advice.

We are aware of the Government guidelines that are solely based on the thermal (tissue heating) aspect of emf radiation, which are in all cases significantly higher than the Building Biology guidelines e.g. microwave radiation (900 MHz) at 4,500,000 µW/m² opposed to Building Biology guidelines of 0.1 µW/m² for the bedroom and magnetic field levels of 2,000 mG opposed to Building Biology guidelines of 0.2 mG for the bedroom. We prefer to use the much lower Building Biology guidelines which we believe are far closer to the actual safe limits.

Geobiology is a different matter, many people can sense that they do not feel comfortable in a space; you may walk into a house or a room and just feel uncomfortable. We try to evaluate all of the possible signs of Geopathic Stress and have physical remedies that we can place on site that will generally counteract the issues.

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